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      I believe that dance has the revolutionary power to radically transform the lives of people. I engage in scholarly and choreographic research that critically examines socio-political issues and its impact on individuals and communities.  I am committed to honoring, acknowledging, and upholding the importance of my lineage by maintaining an Africanist perspective in my choreographic practice. This includes actively decolonizing creative methodologies and producing work that is in conversation with African Diasporic movement and philosophies. I create work that investigates, celebrates, uplifts, amplifies, preserves, dissects, and analyzes black humanity. My intention is to utilize my choreographic work as a tool for social justice and to promote social change. My objectives are to make work that amplifies and centers black voices as well as sparks dialogue for audiences. I believe in creating a community that makes space for collective healing, restoration and liberation. My mission is to produce visceral, resonant experiences that pay homage to black culture, aesthetics, consciousness, and global history. 

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